Changing the wheel on a car with an air impact wrench

Air Impact Wrenches

Whether you are looking to buy online or in our Surrey based air shop, Metro Sales offer a wide range of air impact wrenches. If you need any assistance or advice relating to any of our products, please don’t hesitate to give us a call: 01932348777 or email us:

Air Impact Wrench FAQ's

What size air compressor is needed to run impact wrench?

For home garage use (DIY and removing the wheel of your car), we would first of all recommend using a 1/2" air impact wrench. To power it, we recommend using an air compressor with a minimum of 3HP and 50 litre tank.

For workshops using more powerful 1/2" impact wrenches day in day out or 3/4" for light commercial vehicles, the air requirement will be much higher and depend on the overall needs of the workshop to cover all air tools and equipment. We would be happy to discuss what those requirements are and the range of larger Industrial piston & screw compressors we can offer, give us a call: 01932 348777 


What size air hose do I need to power an impact wrench?

Less powerful air impact wrenches (such as the 3/8" air impact wrench) will only need an 8mm (5/16") air hose. A more powerful 1/2" impact wrench or a lesser powered 3/4" impact wrench will need a 10mm (3/8") air hose for more power.

High power 3/4” air impact wrenches & 1” impact wrenches need a 13mm (1/2”) air hose and higher flow coupling and plug, (commonly PCL’s 100 Series).