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Wall mounted air hose reel being used in a workshop.
A gloved hand in a workshop pulls the retractable air hose reel to use it.

Metro Sales provide a good range of air hose reels and retractable air hose reels which are available in a variety of lengths and sizes. Our air hose reels can be used for different applications, and are good to use for both air and water.

Additionally, all air hose reels come with wall mountings & brackets to keep your environment neat and tidy. Not only is this important for safety, it is also a legal requirement (HSE trip hazard legal rulings) to keep your floor clear of trip hazards.

Browse our selection of retractable air hoses below. You can purchase these online with delivery or from our air compressor shop in Surrey.

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PCL Air Hose Reels / Nakoda & Retracta Air Hose Reels

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What are the Benefits of an Air Hose Reel?

An air hose reel or retractable air hose reel allows you to safely store a hose reel out of the way when it's not in use. In fact, HSE trip hazard legal rulings state in regulation 12 that it is a requirement for "floors to be suitable, in good condition and free from obstructions. People should be able to move around safely". Therefore, having an air hose reel will help avoid trip hazards as it keeps air hoses safely stored away.

Not only that, having your reel safely mounted to a wall keeps your work space neat and tidy.

Which Air Hose Reel is Best?

As with anything, the best reel depends on what you are looking to use it for.

PCL Air Hose Reels

PCL hose reels are at the highly competitive, popular end of the price range. One of the good things about them is that they have a slow retractable mechanism which prevents damage to the hose. Not only that, a unique inlet brush system prevents dirt & dust entering the inside of the case on the hose as it is layered neatly. Furthermore, the wall mounting bracket swivels at 180 degrees, allowing you to move the angle of the air hose very freely. Working pressure 250 psi.

Nakoda Retractable Air Hose Reels 

Nakoda air hose reels are the mid-priced offering. They are made with impact UV stabilised polypropylene to withstand varying temperature changes. One of the key benefits of the Nakoda hose is that it is very lightweight and includes the Helix Ultra Coil® technology self-layering hose system which maintains neat and tidy storage of the hose incorporating an auto lock and auto rewind mechanism. In addition, the Nakoda air hose reel is ready to go with a 20m fitted 10mm (3/8") PVC Alloy air hose and 2m connecting/feed hose. Working pressure 300 psi.

Recoila Hose Reels

Recoila hose reels are Premium Gen III hose reels from Australia with many hose options and types available. The most common is either the 20 metres of 10mm (3/8") 20 bar hose or 18 metres of 13mm (1/2") hose. Both have 2metre link hoses for connection to your system and brackets. Additionally, they can be fitted with a safety slow retract. Please call for details: 01932 348777

Retracta Air Hose Reels

Retracta air hose reels are at the top end of the price range - and for good reason! They come fully engineered with the patented RACR ‘Retracta Adjustable Control Return’ system, which can be retro fitted to any R3 Retracta. The tough, corrosion free design has an increased internal capacity and a spring to protect if the hose gets overrun. One of he best things about the Retracta is that it is fully serviceable – all parts readily available and comes supplied with fitted hose for specified application. Oh, and the best part? There is a 10 year warranty on this hose reel to give you peace of mind! Working pressure 250 psi.
Metro Sales can also source a full range of other types of air hose reels including:
  • Open manual rewind reels
  • Open powder coated spring rewind
  • Low and high pressure reels
  • 316 Stainless Steel for Food factory use (wash down or liquid transfer)
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