What size Air Compressor do you need for home use? 

Thinking of diving into the world of air compressors for home use? Hold on tight, because choosing the right one isn’t as simple as grabbing the first shiny tank you see. Just like Goldilocks and her porridge, you want one that’s “just right” for your needs, not too big, not too small, but perfect for those DIY projects and everyday tasks. 

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Size Matters! 

Let’s start small, shall we? Think 10 litres or below, ideal for quick bursts of air for tasks like inflating car tyres, cleaning the dust bunnies out of your garage, or stapling light upholstery. These compact powerhouses are like the nimble ninjas of the air compressor world, fitting snugly in your garage corner without demanding centre stage. 

But which pint-sized compressor is your perfect match? Buckle up, because we’re about to introduce you to three top contenders: 

1. The Quiet Achiever: Hyundai 8L Silent Air Compressor

This oil-free wonder boasts a whisper-quiet 60 decibels, making it a dream for noise sensitive DIYers. Plus, its 0.75 horsepower and 118 psi punch pack a surprising amount of power for inflating tyres and using an air blow gun for cleaning. And did we mention the easy carry handle for effortless portability? 

Take a look:

Original price was: £225.00.Current price is: £99.00. (inc.vat £118.80)

2. The Stylish Sibling: PCL 9L Small Compressor

Looking sharp in its modern black design, this 9L compressor isn’t just aesthetically pleasing. It packs a punch with 0.80 horsepower and 116 psi, perfect for inflating car tyres and powering blow guns for cleaning. Plus, the convenient handle makes it a breeze to carry around your workspace.

Take a look:

Original price was: £259.00.Current price is: £142.50. (inc.vat £171.00)

3. The Powerhouse on Wheels: Nuair 10L Portable Air Compressor

Need a little more oomph? This 1.5 horsepower champion boasts adjustable air pressure between 1-5 cfm and a quiet noise level of 62 decibels. Add in the convenient frame with wheels, and you’ve got a portable powerhouse ready to tackle tasks like general DIY, tyre inflation and powering blow guns.

Take a look:

Original price was: £391.00.Current price is: £251.00. (inc.vat £301.20)
Diagram showing the dimensions of the Nuair 10l silenced air compressor

Bonus Round: The Space Saving Champs – Fini Wall Mounted Compressors 

Short on space? These 1.5 horsepower wall mounted compressors are your knight in shining armour. They’re fixed to your garage wall, maximising floor space, and come equipped with a handy swivel hose reel for extended reach. Perfect for light tasks and keeping your garage clutter-free!

Take a look:

Original price was: £281.00.Current price is: £172.00. (inc.vat £206.40)
Original price was: £382.00.Current price is: £197.00. (inc.vat £236.40)

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Level Up Your DIY Game:
24 litre Air Compressors for the Hardcore Hobbyist

Ready to graduate from light duty tasks to serious DIY projects? Then get ready, because we’re diving into the world of 24 litre air compressors! These versatile beasts offer serious punch, tackling projects that leave their smaller counterparts breathless. Think nailing down dream projects and stapling with pro-level precision.

Nailing the Perfect Project with a 24 litre Partner

Imagine whipping up a stunning new deck, crafting custom furniture, or reupholstering that vintage armchair – all with the satisfying power of a pneumatic Nailer or Stapler. That’s the magic a 24L air compressor brings. These bad boys deliver the air pressure needed to drive nails and staples into various materials, from wood and concrete to upholstery, with professional level results. Making them the perfect air compressor for home use.

But which 24L compressor reigns supreme? Let’s explore some top contenders:

Original price was: £287.00.Current price is: £195.00. (inc.vat £234.00)

The Fini Ciao Compact: 
This lightweight champ is all about convenience. Its oil-free design means minimal maintenance, and its automatic operation keeps things smooth. Plus, its pressure gauges and quick-release outlets ensure pinpoint control for precise nailing and stapling. 

Original price was: £265.00.Current price is: £140.00. (inc.vat £168.00)

The Hyundai 24L Air Compressor:
This whisper-quiet warrior boasts an oil-free design and a powerful 750W motor. Its 24-litre tank delivers ample air for demanding tasks, while its pressure regulator and twin gauges ensure you’re always in control. Plus, its two-year warranty gives you peace of mind. 

Original price was: £276.60.Current price is: £159.00. (inc.vat £190.80)

The PCL 24L Air Compressor:
This powerful compressor is built for serious work. In fact, Its durable wheels and user-friendly gauges make it a joy to use, while its twin outlets allow you to run multiple tools simultaneously. And with a free bottle of oil and CE certification, you know you’re getting a top-quality product. 

Ready to Ascend to DIY Superstardom?
50 Litre Compressors for Home use

Calling all DIY enthusiasts with ambitious dreams! Are you ready to graduate from weekend warrior to full-fledged DIY superstar? Then prepare to be dazzled by the world of 50-litre air compressors. These powerful compressors are the ultimate companions for tackling demanding tasks with ease, transforming your garage into a haven of creative possibility.

Why Choose a 50-litre Air Compressor for Home use?

Think air drills, mini air sanders, and even paint sprayers – these are just a taste of the tools you can unleash with a 50L compressor by your side. No more struggling with manual labour or wimpy electric tools; these beasts provide sustained air power for extended projects, letting you work smarter, not harder. 

But with so many options available, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. Fear not, intrepid DIYer!

Here are our top picks, each offering unique strengths to suit your specific needs: 

Original price was: £345.00.Current price is: £249.00. (inc.vat £298.80)

The Hyundai Low Noise Air Compressor:
This champion strikes the perfect balance between power and peace. Indeed, Its quiet operation won’t disturb the neighbours, while its direct drive design ensures user-friendly maintenance. With a 50L tank and a powerful 2 x 750W motor, it tackles demanding tasks with aplomb.

Original price was: £587.00.Current price is: £368.00. (inc.vat £441.60)

The Nuair 50L Lubricated Air Compressor:
This compressor is built for serious work. Its lubricated twin compressor design offers exceptional durability and quieter operation, while its large 50Lt air receiver provides ample air reserve for even the most demanding projects. Plus, its wheels and handle make it easy to manoeuvre around your workspace.

Original price was: £363.96.Current price is: £199.00. (inc.vat £238.80)

The PCL 2.5HP Air Compressor:
This professional-grade compressor boasts top-notch features like genuine PCL Euro couplings, user-friendly gauges, and twin outlets. Its 2.5HP motor delivers impressive airpower, making it ideal for bigger tasks. And with its CE certification and comprehensive warranty, you know you’re getting a quality product built to last. 

Before Buying your Air Compressor for home use:

Remember, the best air compressor for home use is the one that aligns perfectly with your projects and desired power level. Consider your typical tasks, the tools you plan to use, and your noise tolerance before making your decision. 

If in doubt, please don’t hesitate to give us a call: 01932 348777 we will be happy to recommend the right compressor for your needs, space available and budget.