Air Whip Hose

Using an air whip hose is essential when using any percussive impact air tool. It keeps both you and your tool safe as it greatly reduces vibration which prevents damage and injury.

They are usually around 0.5m in length and attach onto the end of your air hose supply. Ultimately, what they do is offer greater flexibility than if you were directly connecting your air hose to your air tool.

Please see whip hoses below with various fittings. These can be purchased both online or from our air compressor shop in Surrey.

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What is an Air Whip Hose?

An air whip hose is a short, flexible hose designed to keep a distance between your air tool and the coupling on the end of your air hose. Government HSE rules state that you should always use an air hose whip when using impact tools such as an impact wrench.

What does an Air Whip Hose do?

An air tool whip hose greatly reduces vibration and damage to your air tool coupling. Not only that, it also offers greater flexibility and movement to use your air tool. In fact, using a whip hose often increases productivity as it makes the tool much easier to use. Most notably, whip tool hoses that are provided with swivel ends, as this allows you to rotate the air tool in all directions very easily.

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