PCL are one of the UK’s most reliable and trusted manufacturers of compressed air products. It’s for this reason that we here at Metro Sales are proud to be an authorised partner of theirs.
Both our online shop and physical air shop in Surrey offer a huge range of PCL air fittings, hoses and tyre inflators as well as air compressors and air tools.

Take a look below at our specific PCL fittings & products categories, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require any help or cannot find the item you are looking for.

 Couplings & Adaptors

For 75 years, PCL have been manufacturing the highest quality couplings and adaptors for compressed air applications. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of their very first standard coupling, PCL introduced a new distinctive blue band to it’s couplings. This blue band is a seal to identify that what you are buying is a genuine quality product from PCL which offers a 5 year warranty.

Suitable for fixed applications
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PCL's standard coupling and adaptor range

Benchmark for quality in the UK
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PCL XF Couplings and Adaptors

For high flow rate applications
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PCL Schrader couplings

Suitable for most fixed applications
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PCL Vertex couplings

For trailing hose applications
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Image shows 3 examples of PCL's mini coupling range

Ideal for pumping water 
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PCL 60 Series Couplings and Adaptors

Ideal for tyre shops & industrial use
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PCL 100 Series couplings, adaptors and hosetails

For heavy duty applications
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Prevents accidental uncoupling
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More PCL Air Fittings

Non-Corrodible Couplings | ISO B12 Range | KF Range | Multi-fit Range | Twin Couplings

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What is the difference between the PCL Airflow, XF and Vertex Fittings?

Take a look at the video below to watch Gary explain the difference between the three main blue band couplings from PCL (Vertex, XF and Airflow). Watch him demonstrate how these fittings couple together and how to release them.

Video screenshot of Gary from Metro Sales demonstrating the difference between the PCL couplings.

PCL Tyre Care & Inflators

Category heading banner for PCL Tyre Inflators which shows 2 of PCL's Tyre Inflators

All of the below PCL tyre inflators are ideal for car tyre inflation. We also stock tyre inflation for the aviation industry and the MK4 Airforce Truck tyre inflator.

Offering a trusted range of tyre care tools to keep your vehicle safe on the road, PCL are tyre safety experts. Take a look at our range of PCL tyre pressure gauges, tyre tools and inflation fittings.


From air sanders to air impact wrenches, PCL cover all types of air tools. Each tool is designed to be efficient and easy to use with various air compressors. If you are new to air tools, we hope you find our blog post: A complete guide to air tools useful. Please choose the air tools you are looking for from the categories below.

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From standard rubber air hoses to coiled hoses and air whip hoses – PCL have you covered with a wide range of trusted products. If you are unsure what kind of hose you need, please feel free to give us a call: 01932 348777


We stock a range of direct drive PCL 24 litre and 50 litre air compressors. Both sizes have a choice of a T19 plug or a T25 Euro plug, take a look below:

Original price was: £276.60.Current price is: £159.00. (inc.vat £190.80)
Original price was: £363.96.Current price is: £199.00. (inc.vat £238.80)

Other PCL Essentials

Below is a selection of essential PCL products for your garage or workshop. These items are some of the most popular PCL products we have to offer and are key with the maintenance and productivity for your business or hobby.

Category image for PCL Blow Gun Range

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Image is for the PCL Impact Socket Set Category

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Category banner for PCL Air Treatment Products

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Need guidance or assistance? We are happy to help you with any questions  you have about any of our products. Metro Sales are proud to be an authorised partner of PCL and have years of experience with PCL air fittings and products. Please give us a call: 01932 348777 if you need any advice or recommendations.