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When choosing the right tyre pressure gauge, PCL are market leaders when it comes to safety. It’s worth noting that there are a few different types of tyre pressure gauge available, therefore it’s a good idea to find the one best suited to you. If you are unsure which tyre pressure gauge is best suited for your needs, please give us a call: 01932 348777 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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PCL Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge

PCL Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge

Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge from PCL: SALE! from £44.85

Banner screenshot of a demo for the PCL digital tyre pressure gauge
PCL 3 in 1 digital gauge combined with tread depth

Digital Pressure Gauge with Tread Depth Gauge: SALE! From £25.45

Video banner screenshot of the PCL digital pressure gauge combined with tread depth

Easy to use & Calibrated

Everything is digital these days and tyre pressure gauges are no different! With amazing accuracy and an easy to read display the digital tyre pressure gauge from PCL boasts the ability to read pressure in 4 different measurements at the touch of a button. Furthermore, if you want even more out of your pressure gauge, PCL also offer a 3-in1 digital gauge which includes a digital tread depth with built in light for dark or badly lit spaces.

PCL Pencil Tyre Pressure Gauge

These pocket sized pencil tyre pressure gauges are ideal to keep in the glove box. As well as being compact, they are also easy to use.

No batteries Required!

If you like your tools small and fuss-free then the pencil tyre pressure gauge is a good bet for you! No batteries, gadgets or technical wizardry is needed for this gauge. In other words, it’s a simple as it gets!

To use the pocket (pencil) pressure gauge:

  1. Remove the tyre valve cap
  2. Push the tyre pressure gauge onto the valve & make sure you get a good seal.
  3. Remove it and read the pressure shown.
Screenshot of PCL Pocket tyre pressure gauge demo

PCL Analogue Tyre Pressure Gauge

Popular with garages and workshops, the analogue dial tyre pressure gauges are incredibly robust. The outer casing is made of rubber which helps absorb impact when dropped. Additionally, these are purchasable in 2 different dial sizes: 63mm or 80mm.

Screenshot of PCL Analogue Tyre Pressure Gauge in use

How to use the Dial Tyre Pressure Gauge

  • Step 1: Unscrew the dust cap of your tyre and keep them somewhere safe.
  • Step 2: Push the connector onto the valve until a good seal is achieved.
  • Step 3: View the pressure reading on the dial display.
  • Step 4: Remove the PCL tyre pressure gauge from the valve quickly to stop air escaping and screw the dust cap back on.

PCL Master Pressure Gauge

There’s a reason this one is called the master! Hugely popular with fleet operators and tyre fitters – this is a tool that gets passed down through generations.

Supplied with a complete calibration certificate, the master pressure gauge comes in a solid wooden box with moulded tray to keep the tool well protected.

PCL Master Pressure Gauge – SALE! from £282.25

Why use the Master Pressure Gauge?

This is ultimately a testing tool. In fact, it’s widely known as the go-to tool for businesses that deal consistently with tyres. That’s why it’s so popular with tyre fitters, tyre shops, freight operators and garages – it is used to verify the accuracy of on-site gauges.


  • Calibration 10-160 psi / 0.8-11 bar
  • Accuracy +/- 0.1 bar / 1 psi
  • Designed for checking the accuracy of on-site gauges
  • Complies to: BS EN 12645:2014

Tyre Pressure Gauges FAQ’s

Which tyre pressure gauge is the most accurate?

Although all PCL tyre pressure gauges give an accurate reading, the most accurate are probably the digital tyre pressure gauges as they zero themselves when you switch them on.

How do I know if the pressure reading is correct?

First of all it’s worth noting that PCL only put their name on products of the very highest quality and accuracy. It’s never worth buying cheaply manufactured pressure gauges as you can never be sure if the reading is correct.

As mentioned above, if you are looking for a tool that verifies the accuracy of a pressure gauge then the Master Pressure Gauge is ideal.

What if I don’t know which tyre pressure gauge I need?

No problem at all, by all means give us call: 01932 348777 and we will happily recommend you one based on your vehicle, requirements and budget.

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