Rubber Air Hose

If you are looking for a good quality rubber air hose, then we highly recommend this selection from PCL. Not only are these hoses kink resistant, they also offer great flexibility. Furthermore, these particular hoses are also resistant to oils, fuel and UV.

Take a look at our rubber air hoses below. These are available in different sizes: 5/16″, 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″. When you click on the size you need, you will be able to select the length of hose required. Need fittings? Take a look at our air hose with fittings.

If you are local to the Surrey area, it’s good to know that we keep stock of many rubber air hoses in our  air compressor shop in Surrey (although please phone ahead so that we can check stock levels).

If you require any help or assistance, please give us a call: 01932 348777

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Rubber Air Hose - No Fittings

Black/Yellow Rubber Air Hose Unfitted


Rubber Air Hose - No Fittings

PCL SuperFlex Air Hose Unfitted Lengths


If you would like to understand more about air hoses, please read our Guide to Air Line Hoses 

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