Full Range of Air Blow Guns

Air Blow Guns to are used to blow away debris particles to keep work areas or components clean. They are easy to operate with a trigger and when pressed, releases a high volume of air.

Ideal for Spray Painting

Blow guns are used with an air compressor in applications such as paint spraying and tyre fitting. Different nozzles are available depending on the application If you need any help or advice with air blow guns, please give us a call: 01932 348777

How do air blow guns work?

The blow gun is attached to an air compressor via an air hose. The air from the air compressor releases a jet stream of air which travels through the hose and out of the blow gun. 

The force of the air is ideal for clearing debris and is used for jobs such as spray painting and tyre fitting.

What's the difference between a plastic blow gun and a metal blow gun?

Plastic air blow guns are generally a great place to start - especially if you are on a budget. They are perfect for basic jobs, but probably not the best option if you are looking for something more durable. Having said that, the PCL Ergo or Extreme range are a of higher quality and offer better durability than the standard plastic air blow gun.

If you are working in a garage or workshop, you are probably going to want something a little more robust. Metal blow guns are definitely a great option especially as you have the option of a pistol or palm grip - both are equally compact and durable.