Vertical Air Compressor

Vertical air compressors are idea for garages, workshops or very keen car hobbyists. The reason they are popular is because the vertical tank takes up less room on the floor, which could be an issue is smaller spaces. If you have any questions about these compressors, please give us a call: 01932 348777

A blue Nuair belt driven vertical air compressor stands in a garage which has plain panted walls and other items such a a step ladder and wall mounted tools in the background

Nuair Models:

£860.00 (inc.vat £1,032.00)
£762.00 (inc.vat £914.40)
£963.00 (inc.vat £1,155.60)

Upright Air Compressors: Effortlessly Space Saving

If you’re tight on space but still need the power of a compressed air system, a vertical air compressor is the perfect solution. These space-saving machines stand tall and proud, taking up a fraction of the footprint of their horizontal counterparts.

Vertical Compressor FAQ

Don’t let their compact stature fool you. Vertical air compressors pack a powerful punch, delivering the same CFM (cubic feet per minute) as their horizontal counterparts.

Therefore, the difference is merely in the shape – so you can choose which best suits you.

As previously mentioned, their footprint smaller allows for more flexible placement, letting you tuck them into nooks and crannies. Additionally, Shorter air piping reduces pressure drops, leading to improved energy savings.