Choosing the Right Air Blowgun

Air blowguns are essential in workshops and industrial settings alike. They are your secret weapon in the battle against debris, blasting away dust, shavings, and anything else that dares to settle. But hold on there, trigger-happy friend! Choosing the right air blowgun is more than just grabbing the cheapest choice. This guide will turn you into an air blowgun sharpshooter, helping you pick the perfect tool for the job, all while keeping safety and comfort in mind. 

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Standard Blowguns: Packing a Punch but Watch Your Fingers!

The most popular air blowgun is the standard full-pressure model. Think of it as the fire hose of the air blowgun world. It delivers a powerful blast, but there’s a catch. Just like a fire hose, it can be dangerous if not handled properly. A standard nozzle combined with high pressure (like 10 bar) is no joke – it could puncture your skin! Ouch!

Safety Nozzles: Your Blast Buddy (Especially When the HSC Comes Knocking) 

Enter the safety nozzle, your new best friend in the world of air blowguns. These clever attachments have vents on either side. If you “dead end” the nozzle (hold it against a flat surface), the pressure escapes through these vents. What this does is prevent a dangerous build-up of pressure and help keep your fingers safe!  

A look at the difference between a standard blow gun nozzle and a safety blow gun nozzle. This graphic shows an image comparing the two - a safety nozzle has little holes (vents) around the edge of the nozzle to allow air to escape.

Safety inspections got you worried?

The Health and Safety Commission (HSC) frowns upon standard blowguns without these safety features. In fact, they are likely to condemn any non-safety blow guns in your workplace! 

Regulations recommend using air blowguns at a pressure of 2.1 bar and herein lies the problem. Let’s be honest, that setting is about as effective as trying to blow the skin off a rice pudding! It’s just not strong enough to blow most debris away. That’s why standard nozzles remain popular and remain our bestsellers, even with the safety concerns. 

Top Picks from our Standard Blowgun Range:

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Top Picks from our Safety Blowgun Range:

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Beyond Standard and Safety: A Universe of Nozzles Awaits! 

The world of air blowgun nozzles goes way beyond just “standard” and “safety.” Here are some cool options to consider: 

  • Flat-end nozzles: Perfect for tasks like paint curing, these nozzles create a broad, flat stream of air, ideal for even coverage.
  • Noise-reducing nozzles: Think your neighbours might complain about the racket? These nozzles minimize the air noise, keeping things a bit quieter.
  • “Osha” nozzles: These innovative nozzles use a venturi effect to suck in extra air, boosting the overall flow out of the nozzle for an extra-powerful blast. 

Flat-end Nozzle

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Noise Reducing Nozzle

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Osha Compliant Blowgun

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Metal vs. Plastic Blowguns: Which are better?

Now, let’s talk about the blowgun itself. Traditionally, metal blowguns have been the go-to choice. However, that’s mainly due to the fact they’ve been around for donkeys’ years and so it’s more “old school” users that tend to use them now as they always have done. 

If you compare them to today’s composite (plastic) blowguns, there are a few key differences. 

Firstly, metal blowguns can be quite uncomfortable to use in the Winter because the air makes them feel very cold in your hand. Unless you’ve got gloves on, you can’t hold them for too long.  This is where plastic blowguns have the advantage, they are much more comfortable to hold. 

The past 10 years or so has seen a real progression in composite (plastic) blowguns and now they are just as hardwearing as their metal counterparts. The metal components inside the composite blowgun make them almost as durable as the metal ones too. 

Cheap is not always the answer!

Every day we have customers coming to our shop and just buying the cheapest possible blowgun because, well, it’s cheap! But it’s important to understand that depending on what you are using it for, there is a vast range of blow guns for lots of different purposes. 

By understanding the distinct types of air blowguns, nozzles, and materials available, you can make an informed decision and select the tool that perfectly matches your cleaning needs, safety requirements, and working environment. 

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