3 Phase Compressors

If you are looking for an air compressor for heavy duty tasks, then it’s likely you’ll need a three phase compressor! A 3 phase compressor runs from a 415v 3 phase power supply as opposed to the conventional 230v.  Usually used in commercial and industrial settings, we stock a range of three phase compressors both online and in our Surrey based shop.

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Image of a Nuair Static three phase compressor with a blue 200 litre tank

200L 3 Phase Compressors

These three phase compressors from both Nuair and Abac have a 200 litre receiver tank and range between 4Hp to 5.5Hp.

£775.00 (inc.vat £930.00)
£929.00 (inc.vat £1,114.80)
£931.00 (inc.vat £1,117.20)
£1,075.00 (inc.vat £1,290.00)

270L 3 Phase Compressors

Scroll through the 270 litre compressors below from trusted brands Nuair and Abac. These compressors range between 7.5Hp and 10Hp.

£1,303.00 (inc.vat £1,563.60)
£1,609.00 (inc.vat £1,930.80)
£1,835.00 (inc.vat £2,202.00)
£1,250.00 (inc.vat £1,500.00)
£1,795.00 (inc.vat £2,154.00)

Unleash the Power for Heavy Duty Applications

Three phase air compressors are built for tough tasks. Unlike their single phase counterparts, three phase air compressors draw strength from a three wire connection, enabling them to generate significantly more power. This translates to higher air output, faster pressure build-up, and the ability to handle heavy duty applications with ease. Think powering pneumatic tools in manufacturing plants, inflating massive tyres, or sandblasting large surfaces – these compressors conquer challenges where others falter.

3 Phase Air Compressor FAQ

More often than not, a three phase compressor is an air compressor which provides more than 3HP (horsepower). There are, however, a few exceptions to the rule.

As mentioned previously, three phase compressors need a 415v three phase power supply rather than the standard 230v.

The name “3 phase compressor” might sound technical, but it actually tells you a lot about this workhorse of the industrial world. Unlike standard home plugs, these compressors utilise three separate electrical phases, unlocking unique advantages.

Think of it like a three-lane road: Each phase acts like a dedicated lane, ensuring a steady flow of electricity to the compressor’s motor. This eliminates the brief power drops which can be experienced with single phase compressors, and thus,  prevents disruptions and allows for a smoother, more consistent operation.

Here are a few of the benefits associated with three phase:

  • Boosted Power: Three-phase compressors can handle significantly higher loads compared to their single phase counterparts. Perfect for powering demanding applications like sandblasting or operating multiple pneumatic tools simultaneously.
  • Enhanced Reliability: The continuous power flow minimises stress on the motor, leading to increased durability and longer lifespan. This translates to less downtime and maintenance, keeping your operations running smoothly.
  • Efficiency Gains: The optimised design and smooth power delivery often result in lower energy consumption. This translates to cost savings on your electricity bills and a more environmentally friendly operation.