When using compressed air, you’ll want to know what tools, connections and fittings are best to use for the job at hand. If you use an air compressor, then you will have no doubt used a quick release coupling, but what are they?

What is a quick release coupling?

A quick release coupling is often referred to as a quick disconnect coupling. It refers to the Probe (Adaptor) going into the Carrier (Coupling) and releasing quickly. This is usually by either pulling a sleeve back, twisting the body or pressing a button. In other words, it quickly speeds up connecting different tools and equipment in a fast and efficient manner.

Here is a quick connect coupling in use:

Screenshot from a YouTube video of Gary from Metro Sales demonstrating a quick release coupling.

What are the Benefits of a Quick Release Coupling?

Because of the speed and efficiency in which they connect to your hose and various applications, quick couplings are excellent at saving time. This can particularly be the case in busy work environments where you may be connecting different air tools throughout the day. As a result, you are increasing productivity and keeping a good flow to your work without having to keep stopping.

What Industries use quick release couplings?

Every industry you can think of would have a use for quick connect couplings. From automotive to manufacturing and construction to engineering, all would benefit from the streamlined efficiency of a quick coupling.

Are quick release couplings male or female?

As quick release couplings refer to general couplings used with compressed air, they can be male or female. Additionally, they can also have a hose tailpiece too.

What are the most popular types of quick release couplings?

Take a look below at some of the most popular quick connect couplings that are used with a typical air compressor:

Standard Use Quick Couplings

PCL Airflow range quick couplings

Airflow Range (PCL)

Best used for applications that are fixed to a wall.

Useful info:
Flow rate:
43 cfm @ 100 psi
Nominal bore: 4.8mm
Maximum working pressure: 14 bar / 200 psi


Vertex Range (PCL)

Less likely to disconnect when using trailing hoses.

Useful info:
Flow rate: 43 cfm @ 100 psi
Nominal bore: 4.8mm
Maximum working pressure: 14 bar / 200 psi

Non-corrodible quick coupling from PCL

Non-corrodible (PCL)

Designed for specialist applications such as breathing air, damp or wet environments and non-spark.

Useful info:
Flow rate: 43 cfm @ 100 psi
Nominal bore: 5mm
Maximum Working Pressure: 14 bar / 200 psi

High Flow – Euro Quick Connectors

Euro XF Range (PCL)

Designed to offer higher flow rates.

Useful info:
Flow rate: 2200 l/min @ 6 bar
Nominal bore: 7.4mm
Maximum Working Pressure: 35 bar / 508 psi

Parker Rectus T26 Brass Quick coupling

Parker Rectus T26

European profile quick couplings with high flow rate.

Useful info:
Flow rate: 950 l/min
Nominal bore: 7.4mm
Maximum Working Pressure: 35 bar / 500 psi

Parker Rectus Safety T25

Push button safety coupling which will only release when the button is pressed twice.

Useful info:
Flow rate: 1,750 l/min @ 0.5 bar p.d.
Nominal bore: 7.4mm
Maximum Working Pressure: 200 psi / 16 bar

How do I Know which Coupling I need?

We understand that when it comes to compressed air, fittings can be very confusing! That’s why we put together the ultimate guide to choosing the right air compressor fittings


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