Product images of the Airforce MK4 handheld tyre inflator and the Qube workshop tyre inflator.

Essential Tyre Inflators for Garages Workshops and Tyre Shops

Now this is a question that is very much open to debate, but which tyre inflators are best for busy tyre shops and garages?

Let’s face it, when you’re constantly changing tyres in a busy environment, the last thing you need is to faff around with dodgy tyre inflators that are not up to the job.

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For this reason, we have a couple of recommendations. So stop scrolling the internet for the best tyre inflators for garages – here are a few suggestions you can’t go wrong with!

Firstly, we can strongly recommend PCL tyre inflators in general. They have a solid reputation for being the best in the business when it comes to tyre inflation. Plus the majority are individually Calibrated and issued with a Certificate of Accuracy, meaning they are very trustworthy.

So which particular tyre inflators do we recommend?

Airforce MK4 Tyre Inflator

There’s good reason why the Airforce MK4 tyre inflator is our best seller. That reason is simplicity and durability. Simply put, if you drop this tyre inflator (and with frequent use, you WILL drop it sooner or later!) it’s far less likely to break. It’s made from die cast aluminium and was designed for working environments such as garages, workshops and tyre shops.

PCL MK4 Tyre Inflator being used on a car tyre

So why is the Airforce MK4 tyre inflator so good?

The popular linear design is proven to cover more than 10 times as many cycles as the next leading competitor. That’s because it has a two-stage valve design (compared to the single-stage mechanisms of competitors). The thing is, these single-stage mechanisms need a filter to try and protect the product, which causes the inflation rate to slow down. As a result that can lead to a 50% reduction in the product’s life. In other words, the two-stage valve design of the Airforce MK4 is more durable and cost effective.

Couple this with the easy-to-read analogue display on the Airforce MK4 which is 20% larger than a standard linear inflator – it’s easy to see why it’s so popular!
The Airforce Mk 4 is calibrated between 0-138 psi or 0-9.6 BAR and are supplied with a Certificate of Accuracy.

Different hose lengths are available alongside different connections (twin clip-on connector or single clip-on connector). Have a look at some different options below:

Twin Clip-on Connector:

Original price was: £115.82.Current price is: £57.90. (inc.vat £69.48)
Original price was: £132.89.Current price is: £86.38. (inc.vat £103.66)
Original price was: £154.61.Current price is: £100.00. (inc.vat £120.00)
Original price was: £156.98.Current price is: £102.00. (inc.vat £122.40)

Single Clip-on Connector:

Original price was: £113.90.Current price is: £58.90. (inc.vat £70.68)
Original price was: £132.89.Current price is: £86.38. (inc.vat £103.66)

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Qube – Accurate Tyre and Nitrogen Inflator

The Qube is calibrated between 0-174 psi or 0-12 BAR and suitable for use inside garages, tyre shops and workshops.

There are many other reasons why we strongly recommend it…

First of all, it has 3 different tyre inflation modes (standard, workshop and air to nitrogen conversion). Therefore, you can simply set the mode you want at the touch of a button! This saves time as you don’t need to keep connecting and disconnecting different inflators for different needs.

Secondly, the Qube was designed to save space in your work environment, therefore it can be attached to a wall. Not only does this free up space, it also makes for a safer working environment.

The Qube workshop tyre inflator in use.

As previously mentioned, one of our favourite features about the Qube is the fact that it also acts as a nitrogen purge tool.

This means that standard air in your tyres can be converted to nitrogen (provided you have a nitrogen generator) at the touch of a button.

If that wasn’t enough to get you excited, the Qube can also be purchased with 4 pre-set buttons. In other words, once you programme in your most frequently used settings they will be remembered and allow you to get to work straight away without manually entering the settings each time you use it.

Qube Workshop Tyre Inflators:

Original price was: £621.15.Current price is: £495.00. (inc.vat £594.00)

Workshop Tyre Inflators

PCL QUBE1 Tyre Inflator 230V, UK Plug

Original price was: £542.00.Current price is: £450.00. (inc.vat £540.00)

Workshop Tyre Inflators

PCL QUBE1/4P 230v, 4 preset buttons

Original price was: £627.60.Current price is: £495.00. (inc.vat £594.00)
Original price was: £542.00.Current price is: £450.00. (inc.vat £540.00)

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Airforce MK4 vs Qube

The reasons we specifically singled out both the Qube and the Airforce Mk4 is to give you a couple of fantastic options that are very different both in price and usability.

The Airforce MK4 tyre inflator starts at around £55. It is very light, easy to use and very robust. It’s great for garages & workshops, but because of the size and weight is also a good option for on location jobs. If you are looking for a solid, dependable tyre inflator which is easy to carry around – then you won’t go wrong with this.

Compare that to the Qube tyre inflator which is much better suited for very busy workshops and garages that need continuous access to a tyre inflator. With prices starting at £450, the Qube is dependable, often copied, never bettered tyre inflator ideal for professional environments where it will be in frequent use.

Product image of the Qube tyre inflator (Best static tyre inflator) and the PCL Airforce MK4 (best mobile tyre inflator)

If you are unsure about the best tyre inflator for your needs, take a look at our complete guide: the best tyre inflators.

Alternatively, please always feel free to give us a call: 01932 348777, we will happily advise you on what you need based on your budget & requirements.

Watch a Demo of the Qube and Airforce MK4 (from our Partners PCL)

YouTube screen capture from the PCL video showing how to use the Airforce MK4 Tyre Inflator
YouTube screenshot of a demo of the Qube Tyre Inflator for Garages