Direct Drive Compressors

Metro Sales are proud to stock a large range of direct drive air compressors both online and in our Surrey based air shop. Please give us a call on  01932 348777 if you require any help or assistance in purchasing the right direct drive compressor for your needs.

Grey PCL direct drive air compressor being used in a garage

Direct Drive Compressors by Tank Size

Browse our direct drive compressors below, these are listed in order of tank size. Our smaller compressors show first with the bigger models further down & on the next page.

What is a direct drive air compressor?

Direct drive compressors have the motor attached to the air pump. It’s for this reason that it doesn’t need any other mechanisms such as belts and gears. Ultimately, it’s a much simpler design and offers great efficiency.

What is the difference between a direct drive compressor and a belt driven compressor?

Apart from stating the obvious that belt driven compressors have a belt and direct drive compressors don’t, there are a couple of key differences.

Firstly, a belt driven compressor is usually bigger than the direct drive as it has more components to house. It’s also more powerful and gives you more flexibility in increasing the power or the air pressure needed.

Direct drive compressors are better for smaller jobs, such as cleaning and using lighter air tools such as nail guns. By comparison, a belt driven compressor is more ideal for the likes of spray painting as it will have enough power to not cut out mid-use.